We take our craft seriously. Originality, Quality, Detail. It’s what we do.


We have combined our creative backgrounds to produce an experience tailored to our clients specific needs.


Whether its people we work with or people we work for, we value honesty, passion & desire to explore.


  • Meet & Understand
  • Conceptualise
  • Design
  • Procure and Execute

Initially we discuss & understand the scope of project in detail, including the clients vision of the space, the desired functions of the space, the lifestyle of client & the budget. Understanding customer’s preferences, likes and dislikes happens at this stage. Based on this we establish a realistic budget for the project.

An this stage we start developing a unique vision for the project space. We start with deciding the parti, i.e. the central guiding idea for the entire space, followed by developing of the design theme and the overall mood. Based on this the combinations of colors, materials, textures to be used finalized. Initial conceptual sketches now.

This stage starts with developing exact floor plan. Detailed Layout of the space which includes details of the proportions and sizes. Cads drawings for Plans, elevations for of the space. Decisions on exact dimensions of space distribution, size and style of furniture and all the accessories placement are finalized at this stage.

Now, we start deciding the agencies and plan out a workflow schedule to meet the deadlilnes. Procurement of material starts now. And as the work progresses, co-ordinating with contractors and vendors to ensure smooth workflow is done. Site visits also start to ensure proper design execution. At the last stage, accessories shopping and décor artworks are procured and placed for the last finishing touch to the space.